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Be Our Valentine 

Queer Shorts and Stories

We’re thrilled to present a set of short films about love hosted by West Yorkshire Queer Stories.

Thursday 14th February from 7pm
at Brick Box Rooms, Bradford

FREE entry, no tickets needed, just turn up!


Following the films there will be a Valentine's themed show-and-tell

So if you have any LGBTIQ+ memorabilia then bring it down – we’re looking for old Valentine cards, love letters, cherished photos, soppy diary entries, whatever delights you’d like to share!


Love Letter Rescue Squad (Megan Rossman, USA, 6:47) [D] [S]

Deborah Edel, founder of the lesbian herstory archive in Brooklyn, considers the future of the collection.


I M U R Swirl (Nanvy Lee, Canada, 3:48) [E] [S]

Black masculinity and bisexuality explored through intimate moments.


Joey (Helen Wright, UK, 9:32) [F] [S]

A young woman with telekinetic powers goes out on the queer scene for the first time.


The Real Thing (Brandon Kelley, USA, 7:05) [F]

A soldier returns home to meet his young daughter, who transitioned while he was on tour.


Spark (Aharonit Elior, USA, 5:47) [A] [ND}

Ana’s flame is dying out, until a few special deliveries help reignite it.


Marguerite (Marianne Farley, Canada, 19:17) [F] [S]

On discovering that her carer is lesbian, Marguerite starts to open up about her past. A gentle look and at love, kindness and affection.


Bittersweet (Allen Martsch, USA, 4:13) [A] [ND]

An anxious school boy scrambles to retrieve a Valentine he’s accidentally sent to his secret crush.


(total running time 56:29)


[D] documentary [F] fiction [A] animation [E] experimental

[ND] no dialogue [S] subtitles


Venue has accessible toilets.

9 different coloured hearts
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