crash space

We're really excited to have lots of people from outside Leeds coming for the film festival and it’d be great if people could help us host!

Do you have a spare bed or sofa? Or even floor space for a sleeping bag? Is anyone able to host that has a space that is wheelchair accessible or step-free? Please get in touch with what you have available, how many people you could host, and any other information that would be useful (e.g. if you have pets, how easily it can be reached by public transport, dietary preferences in your home, if you have allergies, etc.), so that we can match you up with people who need a place to stay.

If you need a place to stay, get in touch and let us know how many of you are requiring a space and any requests or accessibility needs that you have. We can’t guarantee that we can keep you together if you’re a group or find you a space but we’ll do our best!

Thank you!