Frequently Asked Questions

When is the festival?

20th-22nd May! There will also be a launch event on the 20th April - more details to come soon!

Where is the festival?

CLAY: Centre for Live Art Yorkshire, 1-2 Regent Street, LS2 7QA

More info at their website:

How much do tickets cost?

It’s Pay What You Can and you can buy tickets for each day of the festival on the door. So, it’s not like a cinema where you’d pay for one film – you get the whole day of activities included in whatever payment you make. Alternatively, you can buy a pass for the whole festival.

We don’t ask for proof of income but we appreciate your honesty when choosing how much you can give. There’ll be a friendly face on the ticket desk who can explain it all.

Cash or card payments acceptable.

Where can I get a copy of the programme?

There'll be loads of free, printed copies of the programme at the venue. The programme is also available online.

How much is the food?

It’ll be various prices but dead cheap. Snacks are usually £1 and a hot meal £2-£3. It’s all vegan and super tasty; cakes, samosas, sausage rolls, hot dogs, soup, curry, etc. There will also be hot and cold drinks. There’s two reasons we sell food:

1) so people don’t miss any films by having to go off and find something to eat, and

2) we’re unfunded so we make a tiny bit of money by selling food.

The more you eat, the more you’re supporting the future of the festival.

Cash or card payments acceptable.

Can I bring my dog/kids/straight mates?

Yes to well behaved dogs.

Yes to supervised kids although most of the content is not suitable for younger eyes.

And yes, although most of the content is LGBTQ focussed, we welcome people of all identities.


How can I contact LQFF?

Email is best:

Or, if it’s at the festival, speak to anyone with a lanyard

People sitting in a darkened room watching a film with subtitles