[S] Subtitles  [ND] No dialogue  [F] Fiction  [D] Documentary  [E] Experimental  [A] Animation

CW = Content Warnings



6:30 SHORTS:

Like A Riot (Krissy Mahan, UK, 2:09) [A] [S]

Finger puppets swoop in heroically to replace film posters promoting movies by white straight dudes about white straight dudes.

Superbia (Luca Tóth, Hungary, 15:43) [A] [ND]

In the surrealistic land of Superbia, where men and women form separate societies, a new relationship forms.

CW: nudity, scenes of (abstract) sexual content

Vicarious (Dan Windsor, USA, 6:03) [A] [S]

Two grieving friends exchange haunting visions of an impending outbreak, in which a mandatory skin suit uploads every bodily sensation to a government cloud.

CW: sexual content (language/discussion of), discussion of violating boundaries and consent

Trans Diary Contemplation Series - #1 Voldemort (Alvis Choi, Hong Kong, 5:00) [E] [ND]

Transness and transition - what does it mean to the artist as a non-binary trans creature?

Espresso Doppio (Mika Koskinen, Finland, 3:54) [A] [ND]

Two different people, two distinct stories and a cup of coffee. Are we able to understand each other after all?

Gabey and Mike: A Jewish Summer Camp Love Story (Alexis Mitchell & Stephanie Markowitz, Canada, 21:00) [D]

A whimsical musical documentary inspired by the music of Mermaid Cafe.

Niolam Ja Se Kochaneczke (Katarzyna Perlak, Poland, 10:12) [E] [S]

Eastern European folk traditions given a queer and feminist twist.


Moonlight (Barry Jenkins, USA, 111:00) [F]

Told in three chapters, Moonlight follows the life of Chiron, a young black man who has faced adversity since childhood due to his sexuality and struggles to develop his own identity in a neighbourhood looking to punish anyone seen as weak. A luminous and heartbreaking story, revealing the joy and pain of life, self-discovery and falling in love.

CW: drug use (scenes of), homophobic language, homophobic violence (scenes of), bullying (scenes of), sexual content (scenes of), sexual content (language/discussion of), physical violence (scenes of), scenes of child abuse.

10:15 SHORTS:

CW: The following films contain nudity and strong sexual content

Borderhole (Amber Bemak/Nadia Granados, USA, 14:00) [S]

An exploration of imperialism, gloablisation, the gender mutant and women's bodies, taking place in the mythical border area of Colombia and the US.

Forbidden Acts: and Other Poems (Todd Herman, USA 11:00) [S]

Confrontative, meditative, and sensuous, Forbidden Acts showcases three poems by writer Leroy Moore.

Butt Muscle (Matt Lambert, USA, 3:11)

Latest music video from Christeene, a shameless celebration of anal liberation.

Hanna & the Keta-Boys (Theo Meow, Germany, 16:55) [S]

A teenage gang on a secret mission: to prevent their leader from destroying the whole of humankind with poisoned asparagus. Be prepared for sex, drugs and DIY jetpacks!

You’ve Got Tail (Danny Tayara, USA, 4:00) [S]

A mail carrier is in for a salty surprise. The pups at this house are a little friendlier than he was expecting.

Heimat XXX (Sebastian Dominic Auer, Germany, 12:00) [ND]

A saturnalia of sweaty bodies, spring awakenings and musty oak forests.



12:00 SHORTS:

Golden Golden (Erica Cho, USA, 14:07) [F]

When two broke 20-somethings visit a fortune teller, crystal balls and queer pop song visions open up new spaces for desiring and becoming - across Asian, Black, and Latinx imaginaries.

How Was Your Day? (Tal Iungman, Germany, 3:55) [A] [ND]

Plasticine characters portray a day in the life of a genderqueer person.

CW: scenes of transphobia

My Shoreline (Aimee Louw, Canada, 4:19) [D] [S]

Attempting to reach the Saint Laurence River boardwalk in Montreal proves to be an impossible task for Aimee. The everyday trials of a disabled queer.

Primavera Rosa En Mexico (Mario de la Torre, Mexico, 23:00) [D] [S]

Although gay marriage was legalized, Mexico ranks second in the world in the rate of murders committed against the LGBT population. Activists tell their stories.

CW: discussions of homophobia, transphobia, violence, misgendering

A Lifetime of Making Change (Megan Rossman, USA, 2:39) [D] [S]

Maxine Wolfe, 74, reflects on a lifetime of activism and her role as a coordinator at the Lesbian Herstory Archives in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Memories of Maurice (Stephen Miller, UK, 10:52) [D]

A fond(ish) rememberance of the late Maurice Dobson, a gay sweet shop owner from Barnsley.

CW: homophobic comment

1:15 SHORTS:

Nasser (Melissa Martens, Holland, 19:00) [F] [S]

13-year-old Nasser is determined to stay true to herself even though she's under pressure to change.

I Am A Woman (Kay Fi’ain, UK, 3:28) [E] [S]

Butch identity explored through break dance and spoken word.

CW: sexual content (discussion of)

Brown Queers (Michelle Williams Gamaker, UK, 24:25) [D]

An exploration of current modes of identity focusing on three different brown queers

through multiple personas and styles.

CW: discussion of racism

2:15 SHORTS:

Places of Fear and Hatred (Alexandre Nakahara, Brazil, 27:00) [D] [S]

In Brazil five different people tell their traumatic stories of violence and prejudice because of their identity. They reflect on each other's stories to empower themselves.

CW: discussions of; sexual, racist, transphobic, domestic violence, discussion of police brutality, child abuse

Almost Saw The Sunshine (Leon Lopez, UK, 30:00) [F]

Rachel, a young transwoman, lives life to the full whilst dealing with problems at home and holding down her job. A one night stand leads to a tragic turn of events.

CW: scenes of transphobic violence and sexual violence

Followed by Q&A with film maker Leon Lopez


Major! (Annalise Ophelian, USA, 90:00) [D] [S]

Major! explores the life and campaigns of Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, a formerly incarcerated Black transgender elder and activist who has been fighting for the rights of trans women of colour for over 40 years. At the centre of her activism is her fierce advocacy for her girls, trans women of colour who have survived police brutality and incarceration in men’s jails and prisons. Through first-person narration and innovative visual storytelling, Major! seeks to create a living, breathing history of a community's struggle and resilience, as seen and experienced by those who lived it.

CW: discussion of transphobic violence, sexual violence and prison abuse

5:45 SHORTS:

The Son I Never Had (Pidgeon Pagonis, USA, 27:00) [D] [S]

‘My entire life I was lied to, and made to lie. At 19 I discovered I was born intersex’. A deeply personal and harrowing video diary.

CW: discussion/description of non-consensual genital surgery, discussion of sex

Event Horizon (Gil Baroni, Brazil, 15:00) [D] [S]

Gabriel discovers he has HIV and he decides to tell everyone.

The Night Cleaner (Blair Fukumura, Canada, 5:29) [A] [S]

As the night cleaner in Canada's busiest gay bathhouse, Travis has his work cut out for him. He takes us on a tour of his nightly duties.

CW: scenes of sexual content

Hattie Goes Cruising (Konstantin Bock, USA, 18:00) [D]

Hank Major, a 70-year-old gay African-American looks back on his days of cruising.

CW: discussion of sex, nudity, photos of sexual content, language/discussion of violence

7:00 SHORTS:

Girl-Hearted (Anne Scheschonk, Germany, 37:00) [D] [S]

It's quite plain to 7 year old Nori: She is a girl, because she has a girl's heart. This doc portrays young Nori and her mother's conflict of enabling her daughter a life worth living out of the norm.

CW: brief talk of self harm and suicidal thoughts, discussion of transphobia and dysphoria

Venus (Faye Carr-Wilson, UK, 5:40) [D] [S]

Venus Dimilo, a female drag performer, deals with issues of disability and empowerment.

Curtain Down (Tristan Scott, USA, 16:00) [F]

A love story that takes a surreal but tender look at gender, identity and ageing as our hero is forced to choose between career and love.

CW: sexist language

Me2Tube August Sings Carmina Burana (Daniel Moshel, Austria, 5:00) [E]

A big, bold, sexy operatic flash mob perform Carmina Burana.


Waiting for B. (Paulo Cesar Toledo, Abigail Spindel, Brazil, 72:00) [D] [S]

A group of Beyoncé fans camped out for two months to be the first in line for her 2013 concert in São Paulo, Brazil. This film is a fun and frank portrait of these fans and their day-to-day lives in camp and off.

CW: Sexual content (language/discussion of), homophobic language, transphobic language, racist comments, discussion of racism, discussion of violence and police brutality



1:00 SHORTS:

These films have been specially selected for an all ages audience. The themes and content are suitable for children, with supervision.

Domestic Cat (Tim Pattinson and Zheng Kang, USA, 1:22) [A] [ND]

A tabby helps her owners cope with their busy working week.

The Girl Bunnies: Rocketship (Françoise Doherty, Canada, 8:00) [A] [S]

Two girl bunnies separated by outer space look for a way to cross the galaxy. A sweet story of love and transitioning.

Bittersweet (Allen Martsch, USA, 4:13) [A] [ND]

An anxious schoolboy scrambles to retrieve a valentine he’s accidentally sent to his secret crush.

Chariot Riders (Kate Jessop, UK, 5:00) [A] [S]

A boy explores feelings of love for his best friend. Part of a commissioned work exploring South Asian LGBT relationships in Britain.

Stealth (Bennett Lasseter, USA, 22:00) [F]

The heart warming story of a brave, transgender tween. Sammy finds herself at a new school navigating the complex gender politics of adolescence.

CW: transphobic violence (language/discussion of)

2:00 SHORTS:

Cecil & Carl (Elvis Leon & Gaston Yvorra, USA, 14:35) [D] [S]

Cecil has lived alone ever since Carl, his partner of 43 years, was diagnosed with dementia andadmitted to a nursing home. He looks back fondly on their shared life.

Pink Boy (Eric Rockey, USA, 15:00) [D]

Butch lesbian, BJ, is raising gender non-conforming 7-year-old Jeffrey in conservative, rural Florida.

Where We Are Now (Lucie Rachel, UK, 9:18) [D] [S]

A personal insight into the changing relationship between a young woman and her transgender parent.

The Orchid (Ferran Navarro-Beltran, Spain, 3:00) [F] [S]

Sometimes the biggest conversations are forced onto voicemail. A surprising father-son tale played across an answering machine.

Mum (Anne-Marie O’Connor, UK, 13:00) [F]

When Kate goes back to see her mum after time apart, she realises that far from being ready for a day out, her mum is gravely ill and nobody has told her.

CW: misgendering, deadnaming

Followed by Q&A with members of the cast and crew from the films Mum and Cecil & Carl.


Our Second First Date (Emi Schaufeld, USA, 11:33) [F]

A woman is magically forced to repeat the same date over and over again until she can make it go perfectly.

Ghost Pug (Will Webb, UK, 3:29) [F] [S]

A lesbian couple moves into a new flat, unaware of a secret extra occupant.

Oh, I Get It (Sara McCaslin & Danny Tayara, USA, 8:31) [D] [S]

Seattle-based queer comedians are changing comedy using their own brand of humour, proving that social change is best served funny.

CW: Sexual content (language/discussion of)

Women and the Word: The Revival (Sekiya Dorsett, USA, 81:00) [D] [S]

Five gifted queer women of colour hit the road for a seven-date tour as they create modern day spaces for art and resistance and share their fear, love, loss and vision with audiences across the U.S.

CW: scenes of racist violence and police presence. discussion of sexual violence, racism, slavery, drug use, homophobia.

6:00 SHORTS:

Memory Of You (Nils Åsén, Sweden, 12:00) [F] [S]

Adam is going to dinner with his wife, when he is disrupted by something from his past. A story about a love that never was, shot in one single take.

Pria (Yudho Aditya, Indonesia, 21:34) [F] [S]

A teen living in rural Indonesia struggles between the traditions of his upbringing and his romantic idealisation of the freedom of the west.

6:45 SHORTS:

In the run up to the festival we ran a two-day film making workshop, attended by beginner queer film makers. Using their smartphones these film makers wrote, filmed, and edited their own short films. Tonight, the films that were made during the workshop make their debut on the big screen.



What would you like to see as the final film of the festival?

Throughout the weekend you get chance to vote for your favourite film. The most popular choice will be screened.

 It could be a camp classic, a cute animation, a full on weepy, anything… you choose!


Heimat XXX

Hana & the keta-boys


Golden Golden

The Revival: Women and the WOrd



Hattie Goes Cruising


Me2Tube August Sings Carmina Burana


Oh, I Get It

Pink Boy

Primavera Rosa En Mexico

I Am A Woman


You've Got Tail

DIY Film Making WOrkshop Shorts

The Orchid

Niolam Ja Se Kochaneczke

The Girls Bunnies: Rocketship