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OUR NORTH - Queer Film Night

Thursday 2nd August

at Live Art Bistro

from 6pm


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6:00 - 7:00pm

A wonderful set of short films showing the breadth of LGBTQ+ talent in the North

Memories of Maurice (Stephen Miller, 10:52) [D]

A fond(ish) rememberance of the late Maurice Dobson, a gay sweet shop owner from Barnsley.

CN: homophobic comment

Big Queer Failure (Rebecca Tritschler/Ellie Fawcett, 6:49) [E]

A DIY film celebrating and asserting our right to fail at life as individuals and communities.

Let's Walk (Jamal Gerald, 2:33) [E]

An exploration of experiences of privilege.

Mum (Anne-Marie O'Connor, 13:00) [F]

When Kate goes back to see her mum after time apart, she realises that far from being ready for a day out, her mum is ill and nobody has told her.

Proud (Thinking Film/GYRO, 3:51) [D]

GYRO (Gay Youth ‘R’ Out), a Liverpool-based LGBT group, celebrate everything that makes them proud.

Falling in Love with Gay Abandon (Fiona Thompson/Addie Orfila, 7:41) [F]

An homage to the silent movie era made by the Leeds LGBT choir, Gay Abandon.

Venus (Faye Carr-Wilson, 5:40) [D]

Venus Dimilo, a female drag performer, deals with issues of disability and empowerment.

Fuck Theresa May (Melz, 2:36) [M]

Music video filmed in Leeds

[D] documentary [F] fiction [E] experimental [M] music video


7:00 - 8:00pm

>>Rewind Fast Forward>>

A look at the important archive of film maker Sandi Hughes. We're really excited to have Sandi along for a Q&A.


Sandi Hughes, feminist film-maker, DJ and poet has hundreds of hours of film, thousands of photographs, nightclub flyers, posters, magazines and other printed material that capture the marginalised and outrageous characters of Liverpool that she mixed with during the 70s, 80s and 90s.

These rare historical recordings come from the decades before smartphones and the daily digital documenting that is now commonplace. Starting in the 70s with a stills camera and then transferring to a video camera in the 80s Sandi captured many community and political events concerned with gender, race and sexuality such as protests against Clause 28, AIDS activism and campaigning for an equal age of consent.

my summer of love.jpg

8:30 - 10:00pm

My Summer of Love (2004)

Set over one summer in the Yorkshire countryside, My Summer of Love explores the relationship between Tamsin (Emily Blunt) and Mona (Natalie Press).


Following a chance encounter one afternoon, the pair form an immediate rapport, finding common ground in their equally dysfunctional families despite their vastly different social backgrounds.

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