Wednesday 22nd February 2017

from 7pm at Live Art Bistro

Come along and watch this amazing collection of queer short films


----- Free entry - no booking needed -----

Over 400 films were submitted to Leeds Queer Film Festival this year and we were so overwhelmed with the amount of incredible films! We’re sad that we don’t have enough time in our programme to include all the films we like so we decided to create a one off screening event of some of the shorts that almost made it into the programme but that we didn’t have enough space to include. The programme’s a great mix of fiction, documentary, experimental and animation!

We’ll also have our festival programme to pick up as well as the opportunity to watch trailers of the feature films we’ll be screening at our festival that takes place March 24-26.
There will also be snacks!

(in order of screening)

3 Friends (dir. Michael Moody Culpepper, 22 mins, subtitled)
Based on a Colm Tóibín short story, 'Three Friends' follows Fergus, a pensive, young Irishman, who is propelled on a powerful journey that begins at his mother's funeral and wake. There, Fergus confronts how his family shapes and defines him only to continue this journey at a beach rave where he becomes aware of the defining impact his friendships have on him. Ultimately, it is through death, grief, joy, and sex that Fergus looks inside to define himself.
(content warning: drug use, nudity)

Just Like Arcadia (dir. Jordi Estrada, 8 mins, subtitled)
A journey into the beginning of times, when mortals lived like Gods, without worries and no caring about old age. A melancholic and dreamy voyage back to cruel adolescence and the discovery of a boy who will let us enter into the garden of eternal youth.
(content warning: nudity)

A Letter of Love to You (dir. Judith Rifeser, U.K. 3 mins, not subtitled)
This short experimental film seeks to question our common use of the three-word sentence that is supposed to be the ultimate declaration of love. Why do we objectify what we love? By making use of Luce Irigaray’s call to insert a "to" in the sentence "I love you", this short film explores the importance, usage and influence of language for our understanding of relationships, gender and power. It ultimately seeks to be a letter of love to ourselves and the world that surrounds us.

HYPER HYPER I-Id. (dir. Iris Borovčnik, 17 mins, subtitled)
The conceptual short film HYPER HYPER I-Id. explores debates on neoliberalism, self-management and identity politics. Three protagonists attempt to discover a way together, and within their own space of work/identity. With lots of dark humour, poetic language. powerful costumes and settings, and the ongoing beat of petra und der wolf’s music, the film opens up new spaces for queer images.


------ BREAK ------

Bootwmn (dir. Paige Gratland, 11 mins, subtitled)
Deana McGuffin is a third generation New Mexico boot maker, handcrafting wearable pieces of art. When she is approached by a Canadian artist and a San Francisco tattooer to create a gay themed cowboy boot, a story unravels of a unique collaboration that takes them to the heart of cowboy country in Northern Texas. BOOTWMN is a heartwarming, intimate and at times funny portrait of the queering of a traditional art form. 

Nails (dir. Jack Faulkner, 3 mins, not subtitled)
A young boy named Daniel innocently paints his nails at school before a big exam, however he discovers the struggles of self expression when teased by others.
(content warning: scenes of bullying)


Persistence of Memory (dir. Natalie Tsui, 16 mins, not subtitled)
Grappling with the loss of her beloved, a reserved programmer begins employment at a controversial tech company specializing in high-end, artificial companions.
(content warning: scenes of drug use)

Park Ghost Park (dir. Pedro B, 14 mins, subtitled)
The park still alive at night and the noise of young people echoes through the city. These are hard times around here but friends can still count on each other.
(content warning: scenes of sexual content)

--- Venue and Accessibility ---
Live Art Bistro will be hosting this event as well as our festival that will take place March 24-26. Entry to the venue and the screening space is wheelchair accessible. There will be wheelchair-accessible toilets at our festival in March but unfortunately there isn't one available for this event and we apologise for this. We include English subtitles for films whenever available but 3 of the 8 films (A Letter of Love to You, Nails and Persistence of Memory) in this programme don’t have subtitles. Please contact us in advance with any specific access needs: leedsqueerfilmfestival@gmail.com