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Sunday 1st April 2018


Live Art Bistro, 1-2 Regent Street LS2 7QA

A spectacular day of films and Q&As as part of Trans Pride Leeds...

11am - Doors open

11:30am - Special screening of a film version of The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven
Written and performed by legendary trans playwright, performer and poet Jo Clifford and directed by Susan Worsfold. The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven is a humane, mischievous and loving film in which bread is shared, wine is drunk and familiar stories are reimagined by a transgender Jesus.
12:30pm – Q&A/Discussion with Annabel Cooper (producer)

1:30pm – Break


A selection of short films curated by Leeds Queer Film festival.

[CN] content note [S] subtitles [F] fiction [D] documentary [E] experimental


Start time 15:00 (no trailers)


Lady Eva (Dean Hamer/ Joe Wilson/ Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu, Tonga, 10:45) [D]

A brave young transgender woman sets off on a journey to become her true self in the conservative Pacific Island Kingdom of Tonga – with a little inspiration from Tina Turner along the way.

CN: homophobic language


Mum (Anne-Marie O’Connor, UK, 13:00) [F]

When Kate goes back to see her mum after time apart she realises that far from being ready for a day out, her mum is gravely ill and nobody has told Kate.

CN: misgendering, deadnaming

Princess of Everyday Life (Dan Dansen, Germany, 8:28) [E] [S]

By combining the sensual activity of cooking and a love poem, Dan gives an insight into his relationship with his partner Fabian: a coming-out-story from another perspective.


Fee (Guen Murroni, UK, 10:00) [F]

Fee (Munroe Bergdorf) is out celebrating with her friends, but a voice from the past keeps plaguing her. Escaping the pub for a breath of fresh air, Fee comes across a church and follows her impulse. As her heels echo in the silence of the cathedral, that voice, the person who has rejected her all her life, appears.

CN: misgendering, deadnaming

The Curse (Danny Tayara, USA, 3:00) [F]

Jesse’s got a date, but it’s their period… what could possibly go wrong?

CN: menstrual blood


Where We Are Now (Lucie Rachel, UK, 9:18) [D]

A personal insight into the changing relationship between a young woman and her transgender parent.


Red Leaf (Kai Tillman, Cuba, 6:34) [F] [S]

A Cuban boy creates a secret world to explore his developing identity.


Fay Presto - Queen of Close-up (Hanna Aqvilin, UK, 16:03) [D]

Legendary magician Fay Presto would rather die on stage than quit performing. She reflects on gender roles and ageing while showing off her close-up magic and cabaret skills.


Start time 17:00 (no trailers)


A Year in Transition (Lorne Clarkson, USA, 70:08) [D]

Trans man and film maker Lorne Clarkson documents their friend Issa’s personal journey as a 20 year old Arab-American trans masculine person. A positive and charming insight into coming out, taking hormones, having top surgery, and finding solace in the trans community.

CN: discussion of surgery and misgendering


After the film there will be a Q&A with the director, Lorne Clarkson, who is flying in from the USA just for this event!

6:30pm – Break (60min) – Delicious hot vegan food and treats made by LQFF will be available to buy

7:30pm – Screening of a collection of films by Fox & Owl and MyGenderation
My Genderation was set up to document the experiences and perspectives of trans and non-binary people and anyone who doesn’t identify with the gender they were assigned at birth. Their mission is to create engaging short films that accurately represent trans people and their lives. 

8:30pm - Q&A with Fox Fisher & Owl (Ugla Stefania)
A special Q&A with Brighton based non-binary trans activists and film makers Fox Fisher & Owl (Ugla Stefania).

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