QTIPoC Space

We wanted to start the festival by providing a space for LGB, queer, trans and intersex people of colour to connect, chat, make friends and build community. This will be a closed space, which means that it is only for people of colour. PoC organisers of the film festival will be loosely facilitating the space but we’ll make the space what we want together so come along! Feel free to get in touch in advance if you have specific ideas/ discussions you want to see happen.


Q&A with Leon Lopez

Director of Almost Saw The Sunshine.

Leon uses his film making to talk about issues within society that he feels are neglected by mainstream media. His documentary ‘Let’s Talk About Gay Sex And Drugs’, premiered at BFI Flare festival in 2016, and his short film, ‘Crossroad’, was shortlisted for the Iris Prize 2016 and selected for distribution by Peccadillo as part of their ‘Boys On Film’ series. His most recent film ‘Almost Saw The Sunshine’, is about violence towards Trans women of colour.

Dykes, Rebels & Working-Class Warriors

This interactive workshop focuses on working-class lesbian identities, how we are represented on-screen and our experiences within the arts. Participants are invited to come along to join in the discussion, share experiences and engage in creative activities with the aim of producing a ‘good practice’ document, outlining the change and representation we would like to see.


Participants are encouraged to bring along a visual or written text (photograph, zine, short clip, poem, article, song, artefact, etc…) which relates to or helps them understand their working-class lesbian heritage or identity. 


About the facilitator: Laura is a working-class femme activist from Glasgow, working with the Scottish Queer International Film Festival (SQIFF). She is researching the intersections of butch, femme and class as part of her Masters in Gender Studies at the University of Stirling. 


Open to all working class queers.


Q&A with cast and crew of Mum and Cecil & Carl

Actress Kate O'Donnell from Mum and producer Sasha Milonova from Cecil & Carl will be present.

Bi+ Representation in Film

Each year Leeds Queer Film Festival receives hundreds of film submissions for the festival. The number of films that show a positive representation of bi+ people or storylines is tiny. Why is this? And what can be done? Where are all the positive Bi+ films?!

Facilitated by Leeds Bi Group


(with Ingi from Royal Kendama)

Kendama is a traditional wooden Japanese cup and ball skill toy. Simple tricks will be taught at this workshop and it’ll be suitable for ages 8+ (can be younger with supervision)

Zines & Pages & Stuff

(with Susie from Leeds Print Workshop)

Make your own notebook, or even just a teeny one page zine, to jot down thoughts and feelings after seeing some amazing films.

Solidarity with Trans Prisoners

Following the break after the film Major, we’ll be welcoming Action for Trans Health for a workshop on Solidarity with Trans Prisoners. 
Action for Trans Health seeks to improve trans people’s access to healthcare and have been doing a lot of work around supporting trans prisoners and prison abolition. Come along for this important discussion on their work, the issues trans prisoners in the UK face and what we can do to support them. 


This workshop will be facilitated by Jess Bradley of Action for Trans Health who is also a member of Community Action on Prison Expansion.