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LGBT History Month

AT Leeds City Museum

Celebrate LGBT History Month at Leeds City Museum with our FREE programme of films, stalls, activities and talks on Saturday 24th February - 11am til 3pm. 


We’ve picked a great selection of LGBT history related short films. They’ll be on the big screen in the Denny Room from 12:15pm. It’s FREE entry but not suitable for younger eyes.


All films will have English subtitles for accessibility. No tickets needed, just turn up!

Click image below to see full film schedule

Film timetable for LGBT History Month at Lees City Museum, Saturday 24th February 2018



These activities are suitable for all ages and you can drop in anytime to join in.

CUSHION MAKING: Help us make some comfy seating for our film festival with some stunningly designed covers. All material supplied and our seamstresses will be on hand to help and advise.

POSTCARDS: Commemorate LGBT figures from the past with these specially designed postcards. Decorate and send to your friends. All art materials supplied.

PING PONG: Have a game of table tennis. All set up and ready to go - just pick up the bat and you're off!

ONE-PAGE ZINE: Create your own 8 page zine using just one sheet of paper and share your story or celebrate your fave LGBT figures.

11:30 til 12:10pm there will be a talk and Q&A with E-J SCOTT from West Yorkshire Queer Stories - a unique and exciting LGBTQ+ social history project

2:00 til 2:40pm there's a talk and Q&A with SOPHIA from Trans Leeds about UK trans history. Sophia will also be talking about the very first Trans Pride Leeds which is coming up in March 2018


We'll be joined by lots of local LGBT organisations and groups. Drop by and say hello... you never know, they may have some freebies!

Leeds Bi Group 

LUU LGBTQIA+ Liberation Network

Leeds College of Music LGBT Society

Leeds Hunters Rugby Club

West Yorkshire Queer Stories

Leeds City Council LGBT sports

Leeds Survivor Led Crisis Support Groups


Trans Leeds

Girl Gang Leeds

Barnardo's Positive Identities

Leeds Gay Community

Gay Abandon

Friends of Dorothy

Queer Book Club



Yorkshire Dance Performing Gender

BHA Skyline


Let’s create some history!

Be part of our pop-up exhibition by adding your memorabilia to our timeline. Bring something from your own LGBT+ past - maybe a photo, flyer, zine, badge, newsletter or concert ticket. Add memories and drawings on post-its, so we can create our own one-off exhibition.

The timeline will be displayed on tables in the Brodrick Hall and we’ll add to it throughout the day. We’ll take photos and film the exhibition for the LQFF website, so there’s a record of our collective creation.

All memorabilia will be returned at the end of the event and the exhibition will be staffed at all times.


We're thrilled to announce another event for LGBT History Month... we've collaborated with our fave cinema Hyde Park Picture House to bring the awesome Signature Move to Leeds!

If you’ve ever wanted to see a happy, funny queer romcom about wrestling lesbians then get yerselves along on February 10th at 10:30pm



Sunday 1st April 2018


Live Art Bistro, 1-2 Regent Street LS2 7QA

A spectacular day of films and Q&As as part of Trans Pride Leeds...

11am - Doors open

11:30am - Special screening of a film version of The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven
Written and performed by legendary trans playwright, performer and poet Jo Clifford and directed by Susan Worsfold. The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven is a humane, mischievous and loving film in which bread is shared, wine is drunk and familiar stories are reimagined by a transgender Jesus.
12:30pm – Q&A/Discussion with Annabel Cooper (producer)

1:30pm – Break


A selection of short films curated by Leeds Queer Film festival.

[CN] content note [S] subtitles [F] fiction [D] documentary [E] experimental


Start time 15:00 (no trailers)


Lady Eva (Dean Hamer/ Joe Wilson/ Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu, Tonga, 10:45) [D]

A brave young transgender woman sets off on a journey to become her true self in the conservative Pacific Island Kingdom of Tonga – with a little inspiration from Tina Turner along the way.

CN: homophobic language


Mum (Anne-Marie O’Connor, UK, 13:00) [F]

When Kate goes back to see her mum after time apart she realises that far from being ready for a day out, her mum is gravely ill and nobody has told Kate.

CN: misgendering, deadnaming

Princess of Everyday Life (Dan Dansen, Germany, 8:28) [E] [S]

By combining the sensual activity of cooking and a love poem, Dan gives an insight into his relationship with his partner Fabian: a coming-out-story from another perspective.


Fee (Guen Murroni, UK, 10:00) [F]

Fee (Munroe Bergdorf) is out celebrating with her friends, but a voice from the past keeps plaguing her. Escaping the pub for a breath of fresh air, Fee comes across a church and follows her impulse. As her heels echo in the silence of the cathedral, that voice, the person who has rejected her all her life, appears.

CN: misgendering, deadnaming

The Curse (Danny Tayara, USA, 3:00) [F]

Jesse’s got a date, but it’s their period… what could possibly go wrong?

CN: menstrual blood


Where We Are Now (Lucie Rachel, UK, 9:18) [D]

A personal insight into the changing relationship between a young woman and her transgender parent.


Red Leaf (Kai Tillman, Cuba, 6:34) [F] [S]

A Cuban boy creates a secret world to explore his developing identity.


Fay Presto - Queen of Close-up (Hanna Aqvilin, UK, 16:03) [D]

Legendary magician Fay Presto would rather die on stage than quit performing. She reflects on gender roles and ageing while showing off her close-up magic and cabaret skills.


Start time 17:00 (no trailers)


A Year in Transition (Lorne Clarkson, USA, 70:08) [D]

Trans man and film maker Lorne Clarkson documents their friend Issa’s personal journey as a 20 year old Arab-American trans masculine person. A positive and charming insight into coming out, taking hormones, having top surgery, and finding solace in the trans community.

CN: discussion of surgery and misgendering


After the film there will be a Q&A with the director, Lorne Clarkson, who is flying in from the USA just for this event!

6:30pm – Break (60min) – Delicious hot vegan food and treats made by LQFF will be available to buy

7:30pm – Screening of a collection of films by Fox & Owl and MyGenderation
My Genderation was set up to document the experiences and perspectives of trans and non-binary people and anyone who doesn’t identify with the gender they were assigned at birth. Their mission is to create engaging short films that accurately represent trans people and their lives. 

8:30pm - Q&A with Fox Fisher & Owl (Ugla Stefania)
A special Q&A with Brighton based non-binary trans activists and film makers Fox Fisher & Owl (Ugla Stefania).

Performing Gender 

Queer Film Night at Yorkshire Dance

Thursday 31st May 2018 @ 7:30pm

Leeds Queer Film Festival is delighted to curate an evening of short films with a focus on dance, movement, identity, sexuality and gender.

A diverse programme of films will be showcased, followed by an informal discussion.

Yorkshire Dance has embarked on a 2-year programme alongside partner organisations from Italy, Slovenia, Spain and The Netherlands to provide European dance artists and professionals with knowledge, skills and tools to develop a new form of narrative for gender identities.

This event is part of Performing Gender, a week of events at Yorkshire Dance exploring gender identity. 

Tickets are pay what you can on the door, call to book a place: 0113 243 8765

The venue is fully wheelchair accessible.

Address: Yorkshire Dance, 3 St Peter's Square, Leeds LS9 8AH


OUR NORTH - Queer Film Night

Thursday 2nd August

at Live Art Bistro

from 6pm


Our North Logos Colour.png



6:00 - 7:00pm

A wonderful set of short films showing the breadth of LGBTQ+ talent in the North

Memories of Maurice (Stephen Miller, 10:52) [D]

A fond(ish) rememberance of the late Maurice Dobson, a gay sweet shop owner from Barnsley.

CN: homophobic comment

Big Queer Failure (Rebecca Tritschler/Ellie Fawcett, 6:49) [E]

A DIY film celebrating and asserting our right to fail at life as individuals and communities.

Let's Walk (Jamal Gerald, 2:33) [E]

An exploration of experiences of privilege.

Mum (Anne-Marie O'Connor, 13:00) [F]

When Kate goes back to see her mum after time apart, she realises that far from being ready for a day out, her mum is ill and nobody has told her.

Proud (Thinking Film/GYRO, 3:51) [D]

GYRO (Gay Youth ‘R’ Out), a Liverpool-based LGBT group, celebrate everything that makes them proud.

Falling in Love with Gay Abandon (Fiona Thompson/Addie Orfila, 7:41) [F]

An homage to the silent movie era made by the Leeds LGBT choir, Gay Abandon.

Venus (Faye Carr-Wilson, 5:40) [D]

Venus Dimilo, a female drag performer, deals with issues of disability and empowerment.

Fuck Theresa May (Melz, 2:36) [M]

Music video filmed in Leeds

[D] documentary [F] fiction [E] experimental [M] music video


7:00 - 8:00pm

>>Rewind Fast Forward>>

A look at the important archive of film maker Sandi Hughes. We're really excited to have Sandi along for a Q&A.


Sandi Hughes, feminist film-maker, DJ and poet has hundreds of hours of film, thousands of photographs, nightclub flyers, posters, magazines and other printed material that capture the marginalised and outrageous characters of Liverpool that she mixed with during the 70s, 80s and 90s.

These rare historical recordings come from the decades before smartphones and the daily digital documenting that is now commonplace. Starting in the 70s with a stills camera and then transferring to a video camera in the 80s Sandi captured many community and political events concerned with gender, race and sexuality such as protests against Clause 28, AIDS activism and campaigning for an equal age of consent.

my summer of love.jpg

8:30 - 10:00pm

My Summer of Love (2004)

Set over one summer in the Yorkshire countryside, My Summer of Love explores the relationship between Tamsin (Emily Blunt) and Mona (Natalie Press).


Following a chance encounter one afternoon, the pair form an immediate rapport, finding common ground in their equally dysfunctional families despite their vastly different social backgrounds.

LIFF 2018

Leeds Queer Film Festival has been asked to curate the Queer Shorts Programme for Leeds International Film Festival this year! 

It's the first time that they've included a Queer Shorts competition and we've made the selections - there are two unique sets of short films showing:

Friday 2nd November at Everyman cinema, 6:30pm


Saturday 3rd November at Everyman cinema, 6:15pm



Friday 14th December 2018

at Live Art Bistro, 1-2 Regent Street, Leeds LS2 7QA

A night of free festive fun with Leeds Queer Film Festival for QFN's Gay as in Hysterically Funny tour, part of BFI Comedy Genius.


7:00pm DYKE HARD film screening

A lesbian rock band sets off on a road trip to a battle of the bands in the big city. A mysterious billionaire with an army of ninjas, cyborgs and roller derby girls is doing everything to stop them. Their journey is a wacky adventure filled with motorcycle gangs, prison riots and flamboyant musical numbers.

Film will be screened with English subtitles for D/deaf and Hard of Hearing audiences.


Shit prizes and lots of laughs hosted by SamOne & SamTwo

Free entry - no tickets needed - just turn up!

QFN LOGO_6.jpg

BFI Comedy genius is a nationwide season supported by funds from the National Lottery, led by Film Hub Midlands on behalf of the BFI UK Film Audience Network

Part of the Queer Film Network tour, Gay as in Hysterically Funny. QFN is a strategic Film Hub Wales project and receives support from the BFI Film Audience Network

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