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Leeds Queer Film Festival is a community event in a shared space. The festival is organised by a group of volunteers. We strive to create a welcoming space, therefore audience, organisers and volunteers are all expected to act with care and respect.

Physical violence or sexual harassment is unacceptable. This includes unwanted sexual comments or contact.

Oppressive or discriminatory behaviours and language have no place here. For example: ableism, ageism, biphobia, classism, colourism, fatphobia, racism, religious discrimination, sexism, transphobia, anti-immigrant discrimination.


Please don’t assume the sexuality, gender or pronouns of another person. Examples of pronouns are she/her, he/him, they/them, ze/hir. It is better to ask than assume someone’s pronouns and if you do misgender someone, just apologise and use their correct pronouns from then on.


Respect the emotional and physical boundaries of others. Don’t intrude on someone’s personal space, persist in doing something they find uncomfortable, or insult people. Again, it’s best not to make assumptions about what someone is comfortable with.


Please ask permission before taking photos or videos of other people at the festival, as there are many reasons why some people may not want this, such as safety concerns.


At workshops, talks and Q&As, please respect the speakers and audience; don’t interrupt or hog the conversation. In conversations about oppressions and issues that we don’t personally face, it is particularly important not to speak over or disrespect the opinions and experiences of those who are personally affected.


We all make mistakes (including the organisers and volunteers) but we want to be accountable for our behaviour in order to make sure the festival is a mutually respectful and enjoyable space for everyone.


If you think that someone is uncomfortable with a person’s behaviour, please check if they are OK. We hope that if people witness or hear oppressive behaviours/language, they will challenge people if they can/want to.


We are a small team of volunteers and will not see everything, but we’ll have a designated contact person for potential issues related to these guidelines, so please tell us about any incidents. We will listen and take them seriously.

If any conflicts with other attendees do arise, we can help engage with the person by explaining their harmful behaviours. If necessary, and dependent on the wishes of those affected, we will ask them to leave. We look forward to seeing you all at the festival and if you have any suggestions, concerns or questions about this, please e-mail us at:


With the film content, we rely on both the filmmakers who submit their work and the volunteers who watch the films to note content warnings of potentially distressing scenes or topics and provide them for each film in the festival programme.

However, we know that it’s possible that we may miss things and are working hard to make sure a selection of people watch each film in order to minimise this risk.

If you want more information about any of the films’ warnings, feel free to get in touch by asking us at the festival or e-mailing in advance.

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