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Clebrating Black Queer Films

Sunday 26th July, 7 pm BST (GMT+1) 

Leeds Queer Film Festival is hosting an online screening of some great shorts and a feature that centre queer black lives. As an early kick-off to Leeds Pride, this event is also in support of a former LQFF organiser, Ingi, who is raising money for top surgery. Find out more, book tickets, and make a pay-as-you-feel donation on Eventbrite.

The screening will be an online watch party using Metastream, which runs in your browser. To access the screening, you'll need a laptop with Chrome or Firefox

Please read our full Metastream instructions and get in touch with any questions! 

Link to the event

We’ll circulate a link for you to join the screening nearer the time.

Black Queer Films image.png


All films will be shown with English subtitles. 

Inkanyezi Yobusuke (Night Star) 


In this sweet (and sometimes cheesy AF) short film, Lindiwe's dreams are disturbed by desires she perhaps thinks she should not be having.

CW: nudity, menstruation 


Note: There are English subtitles for the Zulu dialogue. The opening title slide is in Zulu with an English voiceover. The transcript of the voiceover is below:  


Traditionally, Zulu women were barred from household chores during their menstruation, and the young maidens were isolated in the girls hut. This time, the only time they had for rest and contemplation, was called Ukuya Enyangeni, "going to the moon." The young women were accompanied by Amamqhikiza, or chief maidens, whose primary role was to counsel and guide them in the ways of approaching womanhood. In many instances, the Amamqhikiza would also be required to look after the basic needs of the maidens during their isolation. Lindiwe's dreams are disturbed by her desire for the Amamqhikiza, her "guide" during this time.

Exploring blackness and gender non-conformity 


Travis Alabanza returns to their home town of Bristol to talk to writer and historian Edson Burton, co-founder of Kiki - Bristol’s first visible community for QTIPOC. Examining blackness and gender non-conformity in the context of growing up in Bristol, Travis discusses the importance of oppressed people archiving their own communities so that they are recorded in history in all their complexity.

Part of the Chosen Family series from gal-dem Magazine


Behind Every Good Man


Produced in 1966, several years before the historic Stonewall uprising, director Nikolai Ursin's gently-activist short provides an illuminating glimpse into the life of an African-American trans woman.


Dirty Computer


An Android, Jane 57821 (Janelle Monaé), attempts to break free from the constraints of a totalitarian society that forcibly makes Jane comply with its homophobic beliefs. Part music video, part narrative dystopian film, Dirty Computer takes its viewers on a tour of the amazing studio album of the same name. Co-starring Tessa Thompson.

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