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LIFF 2019

Leeds Queer Film Festival has been asked for the second year to curate the Queer Shorts Programme for Leeds International Film Festival. 

There are two unique sets of short films showing, with a repeat of each programme. All film screenings are at Everyman cinema in Trinity.

Queer Shorts 1 - Thursday 14th November at 18:30 and Monday 18th November at 13:15


Queer Shorts 2 - Friday 15th November at 18:15 and Wednesday 20th November at 12:00


Programme 1

A Night With Noorjehan (Mariam Majid, UK, 8:56)

A human connection is made between a child on the street and a transgender sex worker through the magic of cinema.


They Found Her in a Field (Ellie Rogers, UK, 6:00)

A young woman reflects on the mysterious death of her first love.


Cuban Heeled Shoes (Julio Mas Alcaraz, Spain, 17:31)

Paco and Jose share a tender connection through their love of flamenco in a tough, macho environment.


Löftet (The Promise) (Paula Gustafsson, Sweden, 16:00)

After getting married in their 80s, Maj-Briht and Helle put ‘in sickness and in health’ to the test when Helle suffers a stroke soon after.


Horticult (Lancelot of Middlesex, UK, 4:50)

Camp, retro mockumentary depicting a strange community of humans in 1970s England who believed they had become plants.


Boldly Go (Christopher Cosgrove, Australia, 5:32)

A geeky sci-fi fan faces rejection by a ‘straight-acting’ guy, but not for the reason you might think.


Yellow Peril: Queer Destiny (David Wayne Ng & Jenny Sungshine & Kendell Yan, Canada, 20:42)

An experimental documentary exploring the nuances of queer diasporic Chinese culture through the story of drag artist ‘Maiden China’ (aka Kendell Yan).


Adam’s Skirt (Clément Trehin Lalanne, France, 11:52)

A lot of fuss ensues over what a four-year-old kid wants to wear to school.

Programme 2

Tell-by Date (Sarah Ball, USA, 13:30)

Ryan gives himself a deadline to tell his son that he’s not his biological father, but it’s easier said than done!


Johnny (Hugh Rodgers, Ireland, 7:33)

A young man reflects on his journey toward acceptance as a gay Irish Traveller.


My Lady of the Camellia (Edouard Montoute, France, 15:00)

An actor faces a tough audition, and a difficult challenge in proving that the part should be theirs.


When Pride Came to Town (Julia Dahr & Julie Lunde Lillesæter, Norway, 17:40)

The first ever rural pride parade is about to take place in Norway, and not everyone is happy about it.


The Distance Between Us and the Sky (Vasilis Kekatos, Greece, 9:00)

A flirty encounter between two strangers at a petrol station.


Raising My Baby Gender-Neutral (Fox Fisher, 6:13, UK)

Max is gender non-conforming and gives birth to River, who they are raising gender-neutral until River can express their own identity.


Sentiments Distingués (Distinguished Sentiments) (Keren Marciano, France, 11:02)

Funny, feel-good combination of musical and silent film.

Flesh (Camila Kater, Brazil, 12:12)

Beautifully animated documentary about different women's experiences throughout stages of life.


Fuck (Vern Hass, USA, 2:48)

A single word repeatedly sums up a bisexual woman’s experience at University.

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