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Woodhouse Community Centre

We have a new venue for the rest of our festival to go forward. Click here for full details. 

Thank you to everyone who donated to or spread the word about our Crowdfunder!

Statement About Postponing

21 March 2019 

Dear LQFF community,


We are devastated to tell you that with less than 24 hours notice we have been told that our venue will only be available for the first night of our festival, Thursday 21 March. Due to circumstances beyond our control, Live Art Bistro will be closed from Friday 22 March. We are determined to make the full festival happen at an alternative venue as soon as we can, and will keep everyone informed of our plans.


We explored the possibility of finding another venue, but at such short notice to find a space with the capacity, equipment, access, affordability and availability would be impossible.


To make the best of a bad situation, the Thursday night programme will go ahead, including screening of short films, the QTIPoC space, Leitis in Waiting, and Rafiki. The whole event will be free of charge to try and make up for this shittiness. Leave your wallet at home and come down to help us get through four days’ worth of vegan delicacy.


We cannot express how heartbroken we are to have to postpone three-quarters of our festival. We will work as hard as we can to make arrangements for the rest of the films and workshops to go ahead as we planned.


We are seven unpaid volunteers who work throughout the year toward putting on this festival because we truly believe in its aim: to build and strengthen queer communities in Leeds and beyond. We are really fucking lucky to have such a great bunch of filmmakers, artists, volunteers, and our beautiful audience.

Please come join with us on Thursday to watch some great films, cry a little, and help rescue us so we can rise up and come back stronger than ever.

We cannot express enough thanks for your continued support. 

-Emily, Nicola, Clare, Samra, Oliva, Kit and Mara 

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